Are You Drowning In Numbers?

Thomas Taylor - Thursday, September 29, 2016

Accountants mostly use calculators, rather than adding up in their heads, because it's usually faster and less likely to result in errors. But they also use calculators because when you work with numbers all day, every day, you simply don't have capacity to remember a lot of different numbers. So when an accountant reaches for the  calculator, or insists on looking something up, that's a good thing.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are usually really good at doing maths on the fly. It's a cool thing to watch.

But numbers people aren't always good at distilling numbers down to information useful for business owners. There is sometimes too much data and often the wrong sort; usually it's a list of what money was spent on rather than what it was spent for. It can hinder your ability to make decisions by requiring a process of, unnecessary, decoding.

If you're getting long and complex reports and you aren't always sure what it all means you are not alone, it's pretty common. And you know what, it's not your fault. Any good writer will tell you that they keep their audience in mind when they write, numbers should be delivered with the same care.

It's easy to fix though, here are some simple things you can do it make the numbers much more useful.

1) Is your business really lumpy?



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