How to Tune Up Your Business for Performance and Efficiency

Thomas Taylor - Saturday, October 22, 2016

Today's SMEs are a bit like cars from the 1960s and 1970s. Back then car manufacturers had to add a lot of complexity and scale to extract performance, and that added a lot of inefficiency and risk but, mostly, it simply manifested in appalling reliability. Cars broke down all the time and, even when running normally, they had to be tuned regularly - performance cars almost constantly. Trying to balance multiple carburettors was akin to horse whispering.

These days automotive technology has shot ahead, in the dying days of fossil fuels, making car engines smaller, lighter, cleaner, incredibly efficient, and at the same time much more reliable, powerful and responsive (it's not all wasted effort though, it's helping speed our transition to clean energy and a better world).

We all hear about automation coming to a bunch of business functions like accounting, customer support and marketing.

Right now though it's entirely possible that your business is pouring unburnt fuel into thin air. The more carburettors you have the more likely that is. Think about the resources that you expend in your business and if they are being used efficiently.

The way to tell is to measure the most important KPIs and to compare your business with others of a similar type (just like tuning carburettors). Unfavourable variances should be investigated and, where possible, reduced.

Like tuning an old car this needs to be done regularly, with love, and sometimes with the help of an expert :)


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